Heflin Holistics, PLLC

Fees and Insurance Coverage

$60      30 minute session    

$80      45 minute session

$100    60 minute session

$30      10 minute session  (no soft tissue included)

Although there is great benefit to getting an adjustment with or without the soft tissue component, it is highly recommended to receive both services for the most complete treatment.

A minimum of 30 minutes is recommended.

Most insurance plans will only pay towards the chiropractic adjustment, and will not consider the release of soft tissue adhesions as a covered service.   

Heflin Holistics is not a member of any insurance plans, other than Medicare.   

If you have Medicare, you will pay for your appointment, and receive a reimbursement from Medicare.  They will only consider the cost of the adjustment, and are currently reimbursing $23.54 per visit.   The Medicare alternative plans typically reimburse at a lower rate, between $10 and $19.

If you have chiropractic coverage with your insurance plan, you can request a receipt that is suitable for filing your own claim.   (details the diagnosis and treatment codes)